Accessories Cameleon Oiler

Cameleon Tap Connector

The Cameleon Tap Connector is a new kind of fast and safe connection.

Highly recommended to use for the multiplexing motorcycle system and others. The connector use an existing fuse current to connect your new accessory, without affecting the electric exit you just picked and share.

Safe and undetectable by the multiplex motorcycle computer system, this type of connector can be fix in 2 minutes and allow 15 Amps/12 volts No need to cut or strip an existing wire anymore. You just need to pick the fuse type your vehicule used.

Very simple to use for connect and go situation. No wire to cut, skinned or strip.

Lubricant CCO-190

Lubricant CCo-190 is one of the highest grades of synthetic lubricant available.

The synthetic PolyAlphaOlifin lubricant, ester base for the highest performance, joined to a molecular plasticizer to limit the effects of splash created by centrifugal force. The usage of the CC0-190 anti-wear lubricant allows lubricants to be spaced up to 10x compared to the use of popular chain oil. A 236 ml CCo-190 8 ounces (236 ml) container will give you a span of 30-37,000 km per container to maximize anti-wear and limiting splashing. That lubrication used cost of $ 0.001 / miles (0.0006 Euro / Kilometer) using a Cameleon Oiler on dry road.

Did your oil gives you as much?

The maleable semi-rigid SR tubing and connectors

The Semi-Rigid Tubing Cameleon Oiler tube is easy to install. The fasteners included help to hold the tube in place for proper chain lubrication. Made of polyurethane and metal it will never clog and requires no maintenance. It has been developed to be malleable to spouse the shape of the swing arm and never moved in heavy road impact.

The Semi-Rigid Tubing guide the CCo-190 lubricant drops in the centre of the transmission chain, ready to be propelled by the passage under the rear sprocket, on the side of the chain links. This provides 100% used of the lubricant to create total and effective lubrication resulting in lubricant adherence to the chain in the centrifugal force zone.

The Cameleon Oiler Semi-Rigid Tube have an insert steel rod inside a polyurethane tube. frame the tube as desired shapes until satisfied, without risk of breakage and according to your imagination to make the best oil applicator.

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