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Cameleon Oiler : Automatic Motorcycle Chain Lubricator

Tired of manually maintaining your motorcycle chain? With our chain lubricators, save time, money, and enhance performance with our automatic lubrication system.

The Benefits of Our Automatic Chain oiler


Save Time

Save precious time with our automatic lubrication systems that helps you save maintenance time.


Preserve Your Chain

Lubrication occurs mainly when you ride, so there's no risk of running out of lubricant on your chain


Measured Lubrication

Unlike aerosols that disperse lubricant, our system allows you to use the necessary quantity to minimize splatters

Choose Cameleon Oiler for your motorcycle and your preferred lubricant.

Cameleon Oiler elevate your motorcycle ride with automated excellence. Cameleon Oiler proudly stands as the trusted manufacturer of automatic lubrication systems tailored for your motorcycle chain kit. Seamlessly activated upon starting your vehicle, our dual solutions extend the lifespan of your chain drive kit through precise short-cycle lubrication. With Cameleon Oiler, lubrication attains new levels of efficiency and silence. Plus, you have the freedom to select the chain lubricant of your choice, enabling you to masterfully control splatter compared to rival products.

Reclaim both time and money in maintaining your chain kit by embracing Cameleon Oiler products.”

Cameleon Oiler PLUS

The Cameleon Oiler PLUS Chain Lubricator is our ultimate product. It automatically adjusts the oil dosage based on the temperature, mouvement and road conditions, greatly enhancing the lifespan of your chain and sprockets. Our electronic control unit is easy to install, discreet, and minimizes oil splashing on the wheel, reducing the risk of over-lubrication while saving oil usage. Its reservoir provides extended durability compared to the Cameleon Oiler One, offering an autonomy of 5,000 Miles (8,000 km) per refill.

The integrated technology in Cameleon Oiler Plus optimizes chain lubrication according to your riding conditions, significantly improving your motorcycle’s performance while saving you money.

Cameleon Oiler ONE

Our Cameleon Oiler One chain lubricator is a robust and discreet unit. It encompasses all the benefits of automatic chain lubricators while remaining affordable.

Its system allows you to choose the lubrication time window and Colours that suits your preference while making the process effortless. Similar to the Cameleon Oiler Plus, this unit enables oil savings and preserves the lifespan of your chain transmission system.

With its transparent reservoir, you can enjoy a range of 4,000 Miles (6,000 km) per refill under ideal conditions. An integrated LED system allows you to customize your lubrication with a selection of 10 available colours to match to your preference colours

Thank you to our customers

Download our installation easy guide

Whether you choose the Cameleon Oiler Plus or the Cameleon Oiler One, our units are easy to install and provides enhanced safety in chain lubrication. Don’t just take our word for it, our customers attest to it!

Download our installation guide for free and start setting up your own chain lubrication system.

With our automatic lubrication system, you can save both time and money. So don’t hesitate any longer and discover our products and the joy of riding worry-free. If you have any questions, our customer service is here to assist you.

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Optimize the lubrication of your chain easily without getting it all over your motorcycle with our automatic lubrication systems