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Cameleon Chain Oiler One

The Cameleon Chain Oiler ONE Is a Electronic Chain oiler system.
The main stay first generation which is activated by gravity, only when the engine is on, to give a precise rate of lubrication per short cycle.
The Cameleon Oiler One will extend the chain and sprockets life better than any manual oiling, and reduces the quantity of lubricant required to control spraying and at the same time keeping the motorcycle cleaner than others oilers on the market.
The Cameleon ONE was invented and enginered with the conception and idea ,you can set it by one button push, quick and easy.
It allows a good lubrication according to your use without losing an excess of lubricant despite the variation and fluidity of the oils due to temperature.
You have a choice of 10 LED colors that can match your colors preferences.

Cameleon is specially made to make the chain lubrication easy, that will never affect the ratio of suction, air / fuel of the vehicle, allowing you very significant savings.

  • Automatic start,
  • Choose your colors and lubrication setting time,
  • Lubrication of up to 3,700 miles (6,000 Km) on dry roads average,
  • A malleable semi-rigid applicator tube, allows lubrication of the rollers and side of the chain,
  • Physical fasteners and electrical connections included.

Cameleon Chain Oiler Plus

The Cameleon Oiler PLUS chain lubricator is the best chain lubricator on the market.
And here is why.
It has all the quality of Cameleon 1 but with a new Smart system technology programmed in. It will automatically read and adjust the lubrication needed according to the external temperature to compensate the variation viscosity of the oil and at the same time evenly keep your chain and sprocket in top condition and avoid unsightly oil sprayed.

A waterproof and rugged electronic Smart device the PLUS that detects off-road areas plus when the vehicle is on pause, allowing you effective lubrication without over-lubricating…Its that smart and simple. No waste, no over saturation. Why not invest in the Cameleon PLUS today… no more manual oiling and mess, its that simple.

  • Robust, reliable, fasteners and fittings included,
  • Simple installation with instructions in four different languages included,
  • Corrects and optimizes lubrication automatically while driving without you doing the work,
  • Trek modes, doubles or triples lubrication in difficult situations for the off road adventure riders,
  • The reservoir will give you 5,000 miles (8,000 km) per filling according to desired performance with out synthetic PAO Cameleon chain oil,
  • A malleable semi-rigid applicator tube, allows the lubrication of the rollers and the sides of the chain in one shot,
  • Physical fasteners and electrical connections included.
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