Everything you need. Everywhere you ride. With the Cameleon Chain Oiler.
The most versatile chain oiler system available
Cameleon Oiler the best smart oiling system available in the world.
Install and go
Over 4,000 miles (6,000 km) of oiling in a one fill


Easy to install, the automatic chain Oiler systems will turn your motorcycle tour into a real pleasure, regardless of the chain maintenance. Built to the American and world roads, you can ride under different climates without worry. From the California desert excursion to the Canadian mountains routes and plains. The Cameleon Oiler PLUS will adjust automatically the lubrication depending on the temperature, terrain variations and moderate when you pause, to keeping your oiling uniform at any time.

Turn your motorcycle ride to an absolute satisfaction. The Cameleon Chain Oiler increment the innovation to become the king of the long distance motorcycle rides tour like the America coast roads. Lubricates with short variable cycles, giving to your chain a real extended life without the manual oiling task.

The Cameleon Oilers ONE is an 5 star electronic system renowned by its owners worldwide for the durability and simplicity. With the Cameleon Oiler, it’s easy to control the oil dosing depending on your usage. Joined to the Cameleon Tap-fuse Connector, the installation becomes fully integrated to your vehicle processor, so easy to do it yourself.

The Cameleon Oiler PLUS is the #1 chain lubricator on the market. It will automatically adapt the oil drips flow to regulate the viscosity variations due to the temperature. The Cameleon PLUS will reduce the lubrication when the motorcycle is on pause or increase lightly the oil flow during you are in an off-road zone detected by vibration. The PLUS has two active Trek mode level to double or triple the lubrication in a rain situation or outback zone.

All Cameleon Oilers units are sturdy and waterproof. The Cameleon Oilers turn on automatically when you start the vehicle and ensure a precise lubrication rate depending on your pre-setting. The electronic lubricators will never affect the air/gas ratio of your vehicle and is fully compatible with all types of chains driven vehicles.


  • A robust and waterproof unit, nylon 66 made,
  • A PVC transparent reservoir tubing contain more than 4,000 miles (6,000km) synthetic lubricant PAO, CCo-190. pre-filled,
  • Connection wire 1.1 M (40 inches) to the tail light or ready to use the Cameleon Tap Connector (optional),
  • Polyurethane exit tubing 24 inches (50 cm),
  • Malleable Semi-Rigide SR. tubing to perfectly fit the swing arm and attachments included,
  • Consommation: 0 to 350 mA / 12 VDC. with internal auto-fuse.


It’s easy to install the Cameleon Chain Oiler’s, partically with the Cameleon Tap Connector. All attachements are included to fix the unit to the tubing to the frame. The semi-rigid SR tubing is made to keep the shape you applied and all attachements are included. So just Connect the tubing together and ride. For more information please contact us.

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The Cameleon Oilers are a gravity feed electronic controlled systems to give you an oiling after you turn-on the engine ignition. The electronic cycles will give you automatically the lubricant you need depending your setting.

The Cameleon Chain Oiler ONE is a electronic feed system by gravity, to give a precise rate of lubrication per short cycle when the engine is on only. The Cameleon Oiler One will extend the chain kit life better than any manual oiling. You have a choice of 10 LEDs colors that can match your preferences. The one push button setting is simple to set and allow to control the opening time of oiling. We recommend to correct the setting when the difference in temperature is important. The Cameleon is specially made to make the chain lubrication easy.

PLUSThe Cameleon Oiler PLUS chain lubricator is the best chain lubricator on the market. It will automatically read and adjust the lubrication flow to compensate the variation viscosity of the lubricant due to the temperature variation, to keep your chain equal, in top condition and avoid unsightly oil spray. The Cameleon PLUS will reduce the lubrication when the motorcycle is at pause or increase lightly the oil flow when you are in an off-road zone. The PLUS have two manual Trek modes level. Just a button touch to double or triple the lubrication in a rain situation or outback zone.

HealthThe Cameleon Oilers put a end to the messy oiling and will protect from wear and tear, thats creates the friction heat and ruin the chain and the sprockets. The PolyAlphaOlifin lubricant CCo-190 will help you to keep your chain kit extended time. Our goal is to keep your chain kit for pratically the bike life. The union of the best lubricant and the best oiler kit will give you the freedom you need to ride with peace of mind.

Made of polyurethane and metal core it will never clog and requires no maintenance. It has been developed to be malleable to adapt the shape of the swing arm and never move in heavy road impact.
The SR tube guide the CCo-190 lubricant drops in the centre of the transmission chain, at one inch close to the rear sprocket, ready to be propelled by the passage under the rear sprocket, on the both interior sides of the chain links. This provides 100% used of the lubricant to create total and effective lubrication, resulting in lubricant adherence to the chain in the centrifugal force zone.
The Cameleon Oiler Semi-Rigid Tube have an insert steel rod inside a polyurethane tube. frame the tube as desired shapes until satisfied, without risk of breakage and according to your imagination to make the best oil applicator.

The Cameleon Oiler PLUS is the top oiler on the market to have a clean lubrication pratically without flying off oil. The Cameleon Oiler chain lubricator system is the best investment you can make. You just need to fill the flex reservoir tubing every 4,000 miles (6,000 km) and ride. We recommend to always install a Cameleon Tap connector to have any electric easy and fast connection. It can be installed in 2 minutes and works with the multiplex motorcycle electronic system of today.

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