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Reasons why you should use the Cameleon Chain Oiler

chart 1

Precise rate per short cycle

Installing a Cameleon Oiler is very simple. It will automatically give a 3 minutes cycle controlled oiling a few seconds after you turn-on the ignition. The Cameleon Oiler kit will extend the chain and sprockets life better than any manual oiling, and reduces the quantity of lubricant required to control spraying keeping the motorcycle cleaner than other oilers on the market.



chart 2

Maintenance cost

The maintenance costs and wear add up significantly year over year without an oiling system in place like the Cameleon Oiler. The average chain kit life time expectancy is 15,000 miles before it needs to be replaced and you have in put time and effort to increase it's longevity every 200-250 Miles. This simple reliable product controls the saturation oil point to give less spayed oil drops on the vehicle. With the Cameleon Chain Oiler, less frequent replacements mean the cost is significantly lower. Pure and simple, it does what it says.



chart 2

How it works!

The Cameleon Chain Oiler is a electronic device, activated by gravity only when the engine is on. Solid conception, you can set it by one button push. The Cameleon Oiler can be used with the oil of your choice, but for better performance and warranty with less sprayed drops we recommend to use the Cameleon PolyAlphaOlifin (PAO) 190 oil. The utilisation of the Cameleon Oiler unit and the CCo-190 lubricant allow to have a life time warranty on the Cameleon Oiler unit, some conditions apply. This special tack plastifier formula penetrates well the chain links, improving your dust, road grim protection, and shielding the parts compared to other products on the market.




Cameleon Oiler Product Line


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Cameleon Chain Oiler Unit in the Kit

Chain lubrication device, for all electronic and carburetor fuel engine systems. Using the Cameleon Oiler unit and constant CCo-190 oil utilisation allows a life time warranty on the Cameleon Oiler unit. Some conditions apply¹.

  • Epoxy sealed unit made in nylon66
  • Consumption from 0 to 100 to 300 mA / 12 VDC.
  • Internal auto-reset fuse.
  • Transparent PVC reservoir tube 40 inchs (1 meter).
  • Connection Wire (+ / -) 44 inchs (1.1 m).
  • 22 inchs (50 cm) Polyurethane lubricant tubing output.
  • Fasteners Kit, plugs and connectors.




Semi-Rigid malleable tube and connectors kit included

The Cameleon Oiler SR tube is easy to install along the back linkage arm (swing-arm). The fasteners provided secure the tube and hold it in place over the chain. The A-90 Polyurethane / Metal tube will never clog and requires no maintenance. It has been developed to be easily bent into shape any time and cut the extra length depending on what is needed.

  • 12 Tie-Raps (nylon 50 psi)
  • 2 Wires connectors 16-18 Ga
  • 2 Réservoir caps
  • 2 'P'clamps
  • 2 screws (if require
Note: The Cameleon Oiler SR tube is an important part to keep the chain clean and no splatter.



bottle small

Chain lubricant CCo-190 bottle/ 8 oz

Clear lubricant PolyAlphaOlifin Chain oil 8 oz, grade ISO 1000. Derived from polymerization through high performance industrial and high performance scuffing lubrication for less sprayed drops. Recommended to use with the Cameleon Oiler device. Using the Cameleon Oiler unit and constant CCo-190 oil utilisation allows a life time warranty on the Cameleon Oiler unit. Some conditions apply¹.



Warranty note¹: To use the life time warranty, the unit need to be sent to the Manufacture to verified the oil used. we are not responsable for the shipping.