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Cameleon Oiler Instructional Videos

Do you have a video with hints or tips that you think will help others install and use the Cameleon Oiler? Why not share it by submitting it to us for possible posting on the official Cameleon Oiler website. We would love to hear from you. Just fill out our contact form with a link to your video and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks and safe riding!

Step-by-Step Installation


Place the Cameleon Oiler chain lubricator around the middle of the vehicle with the tie-raps provided. Install the reservoir tube so that the oil flows by gravity.


The reservoir tube may be directed towards the front or the back of the vehicle. Cut the excess reservoir tube only after the location has been decided. The clear ventilated cap most be the highest part of the lubrication system.


Straighten out the semi-rigid tube (SR) keeping the loop as illustrated, install the the semi-rigid SR tube on the swing arm of the vehicle using the metal attachs or / and the tie-raps provided. A small amount of silicone can be used between the swing arm and the tube to have better holding if needed.


Cut the excess semi-rigid tube (SR) one inch away from the chain and the rear gear sprocket wheel. It is important that the tube be over the chain and never come in contact with the chain or the sprocket. A damaged tube can result in irregular oiling, dirty lubrication and splatter.


Cut the flexible tube (out of the case) at the required length and join it to the Semi-rigid tube allowing the rear suspension to move freely.


Use the red connectors provided, connect the red wire (+) to the positive and the black Wire to the negative tail or licence plate light. If you experience some difficulties we recommended contacting an expert.

Programming Your Cameleon Chain Oiler      QR Code videos

       Remember: The color have no bearing with the oiling system, It's an added feature to coordinate with your preference.


  1. Turn On the ignition. Before the unit starts (3 secs), press and release the button. The unit will flash rapidly then go through a slow sequence of color changes.
  2. Once the desired color is shown on the unit, press and hold the unit button for the desired number of seconds you wish the unit to lubricate, then release. (see Fig. beside)
  3. The unit will go through a second slow sequence of colour changes, once the other colour choice is omitted, press and release the unit button a final time.
  4. Turn OFF the ignition and then turn it back ON, your unit shall show the first colour and oiling time  you choose, followed by the second color chosen, thereafter, this confirms your setting has been accepted by the unit.
  5. To changed the setting, repeat steps 1 to 4.
    Note: It's normal to have 2-3 unit cycle to have one drop of oil, or one drop of oil per 8-9 minutes, on dry pavement road.